Change Within

30 Aingeal Rose & Ahonu on The Akashic Records, 2020 and Planet Earth!

March 24, 2020

In this episode, listen to Aingeal Rose & Ahonu deliver what the Akashic Records say about 2020 and Planet Earth! It continues the theme of changing within in order to change external events. With over 60 years combined experience and publishers of over 1,000 books, Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have been helping people awaken for years through ✔️Cool Coaching, ✔️Wild Webinars, ✔️Akashic Records Readings, ✔️Conscious Courses, ✔️Beautiful Books.

Answers From the Akashic Records

The Reincarnation of Columbus: A true epic voyage from the pain and sorow of a father's gfief, to the new world of forgiveness and love 

TwinFlames and Soul Mates

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