Change Within

51 Shariff Abdullah - Creating a World That Works For All Part 1

August 18, 2020

Dr. Shariff Abdullah, author, Ted Talk Speaker, consultant and transformationist, delves into our societal problems to find a level of consciousness above that where they were created. From Black Lives Matter to climate change he confronts our multiple issues head on with a warmth and wisdom you won't want to miss. His website is where you can order his books, like Creating a World That Works for All. 

His newest book, "The Chronicles of the Upheavals"!  100 years from now, humanity escapes apocalypse!  Find out how...

His workbook, " Practicing Inclusivity"!  In a world where our divisions are so blatant, the best antidote is Practicing Inclusivity!

Click here for Shariff Abdullah's TEDx Talk!



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